New SPC Waterproof Luxury Flooring by:

Quality Wood Floors


Introducing the newest line of SPC Waterproof Luxury from Bear Foot Luxury Flooring.

Created by Quality Wood Floors the Pioneer SPC Collection is the latest in Quality and ECO Friendly technology.

This new line gives you everything you need from your waterproof luxury flooring with 20mil wear layer, Painted Bevel edges, deep Embossed feel and large 9″ x 60″ planks. 

Bear Foot Luxury Flooring is great for all experience levels from the experts to the DIY home renovations. 

  • Water Proof

    Kid and Life Proof


    ECO Friendly Home

  • Unilin Locking

    Easy to install even DIY

  • 20 mil wear Layer

    Light commercial

  • Warranty

    Limited Lifetime Residential

  • Large Plank

    9″ x 60″

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