NEW! WPC, SPC & LVT Padding

‘Green & Black’ Underlayment is Waterproof, Has High Sound Deadening Ratings, and is Easy to Handle, Cut and Install

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Heavy Duty and Dense Acoustic Underlay provides the BEST Value on the market. That’s because this new underlayment provides maximum sound reduction and comes with an added vapor barrier for maximum protection. Its thermal insulation provides great energy savings. it is not only mold resistant but mildew resistant as well. Its memory retention, waterproof construction, and antimicrobial properties makes it the best value on the market.

  • Maximum sound reduction
  • Added vapor barrier provides increased protection
  • Energy savings
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Memory retention, waterproof construction, antimicrobial
  • 1.5 mm high densityr own text

WPC & LVT Padding Underlayment

Product Rating: Excellent
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