Voyage Collection

by Quality Wood Floors

The Porcelain tiles in this beautiful collection are fired at a whopping 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit — producing a non-porous vitrification and complete water-proofing. With careful attention to both detail and quality, tiles in this line ‘stand the test of time’ because of a very high abrasion-resistance level.

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  • Beautiful Italian design
  • Tiles made in the USA
  • Porcelain body consisting of the finest raw materials
  • Budget friendly selections
  • Features the highest level of bending strength
  • Compacted in a tight caliber range to produce exceptional
  • Water resistant
  • Printed with digital technology


  • Digital HD Printing – a high resolution of 650 dpi
  • Non-rectified glazed porcelain
  • 1st Choice Grade Production giving consistency in size and shading
  • Over 40 faces per tile design
  • Precision Cooked @ 3,000 Degrees w/ a firing cycle of 38 min
  • 8” x 32” x 0.38” (8.5mm) and 6” x 24” x 0.38” (8.5mm)

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